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Kenton Pies
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The Artist

This web site represents a condensed version of Kenton Pies life-long artistic achievements.

Kenton Pies' work appeals to all art lovers with art painting, art in dimension, sculpture, murals, wall decor and carved panoramas. Whether your interest is in realism, abstracts, wood or stone carving; or if you want cards, prints or murals for your wall, Kenton Pies is the "multi-media" artist who can create what you want with quality.


His paintings particularly represent a life long interest & belief in the Cowboy Code of the West where ones handshake is as good as a contract. It's an inspiration to paint working cowboys, horses in various activities and the cattle they tend.


He admires and tries to emulate the activities and personalities of wild animals like grizzly bears, moose, coyotes, wolves, foxes, big horn sheep, raccoons, elk, and various birds. Along with the wild animals he also represents  Montana mountains, lakes, and rivers where the wild animals live, interact and reproduce.


Kenton's sculpture is generally stylized to capture the essence of people and animals rather than directly copying each detail. For instance, his seals are like Constantine Brancusi's showing the shape and character, but maybe absent the face.


Kenton has always drawn inspiration from mountains, rocks and trees for sculpturing by carving wood, and carving and polishing rock shapes to represent animals.


In his art history he found a demand for murals both inside and out to depict logging, hunting, fishing and other subjects pertinent to a potential client's field of interest. He has painted murals or created wood carved and sandblasted panoramas for 15 Thunderbird / Red Lion motels and other resorts and themed restaurants.


For many years he has experimented with unusual techniques on making paintings dimensional with foam products or various textured mediums.  Doing the same with sculpture in combining glass with rock or metals, and some polished rock and some rough.

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