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      The summit of "Denali", God's Creation and the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere connects me to a life-long affinity for mountains and rocks, their permanence, power, strength and their solid connection to earth and universe.

      As a career Stone Mason, Sculptor, Architect and Builder, rocks have been part of my life since I helped my dad build a 20' river rock fireplace when I was a teenager. Since that time, I've laid them in walls, patios, signs and waterfalls. I learned to carve and polish rocks in sculpture. My recent series included fused glass and rocks in various sizes.

      From my studies of Frank Lloyd Wright we have used layered ledge stone and have built rugged walls like on my studio and the stylized grand canyon wall at the Squire Inn, Tusayan, AZ.

      My artistry progressed from drawing realistic objects in the beginning - animals, trees, etc. to creating signs and graphics of all kinds, gift items, and to decor for architecture in motels and restaurant themes (15 thunderbird-red lion motels). This led to wall and standing sculpture and architecture itself.

      I have always sought to create unique designs, individualized to suit the site, architecture or clients wishes. Design and material quality and durability have been up most in my work.

      Today, I continue to pursue new and different concepts in my masonry, signs and sculpture designs. My wife's quilting inspired me to create award winning art wall quilts. I've used several unique techniques in these quilts such as painting the appliqu? and using "puff paint" for added dimension. I've returned to fine art painting creating prints and cards of animals, landscapes and abstracts. Creative work is a very fulfilling occupation - constantly challenging and interesting.

      I believe mankind was meant to enjoy art as an important part of living, whether creating it or merely observing it.

- Kenton Pies

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