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   Kenton Pies Art encompasses paintings of all wild and domestic animals in Montana, landscapes of the "Big Sky" country, flowers, old barns and sometimes abstracts.

To find out more about his art, contact Kenton's Art at: kenton@kentonsart.net,
or find out how to contact him in other ways on his Contact page.

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"Canadian Moose" by Kenton Pies

"Canadian Moose"
acrylic  18" x 24"
Monarch of the Wild Country

"Buffalo Thunder" by Kenton Pies

"Buffalo Thunder"
acrylic  36" x 48"
First ever dimensional "painting" of buffalo made with expanding foam and thickened acrylic paint.


"Hide & Seek"
acrylic  48" x 24"

"Round Up" by Kenton Pies

"Round Up"
acrylic  24" x 48"
Cowboys live with dust as they round up wild mustangs.

"Grizzly Family" by Kenton Pies

"Grizzly Family"
oil  48" x 36"
The cubs are finding interesting things to explore while momma bear watches.

"Orchard Blossoms"
acrylic  36" x 48"

"Springtime Abstract"
acrylic  36" x 48"

acrylic  20" x 16"
A rooster and hen in their favorite nesting location in the straw.

"Dining Moose"
acrylic  24" x 88"
The moose's favorite dinner location eating greenery from rivers and streams.

"Sunflowers" by Kenton Pies

acrylic  16" x 20"
A favorite "people" flower and a favorite seed for birds.

"Raccoon" by Kenton Pies

acrylic  11" x 14"

"Tamarack Cows"
acrylic  24" x 30"

"Montana Barn" by Kenton Pies

"Montana Barn"
acrylic  22" x 28"

"Frosty Morning" by Kenton Pies

"Frosty Morning"
acrylic  24" x 30"

"Red Rose" by Kenton Pies

"Red Rose"
acrylic  9" x 12"

"Giant Verbena" by Kenton Pies

"Giant Verbena"
acrylic  18" x 24"

"Purity" by Kenton Pies

oil 16" x 20"

"Polar Mother" by Kenton Pies

"Polar Mother"
acrylic  11" x 14"

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